"The support we received from the subject leader of English - Amy - was fantastic! Nothing was ever too much trouble and she was always there when we needed her. Whether it be lesson ideas, theories, applicable strategies, or just a good old chat/ moan - she has been truly invaluable throughout the course. Our subject knowledge was greatly enhanced through the subject sessions with her along with our confidence and teaching skills!"

My subject studies lessons were always directly related to my experiences as a trainee in the department. When I required help on differentiation we worked on differentiation, when we were all concerned about AFL the lesson was crafted around AFL. I felt the lessons were tailored to meet our personal needs. The content was consistently versatile and relevant and we drew from a range of sources like recent educational data, educational video clips as well as drew material from web sites like the RSC. By far the best aspect of the course was having a knowledgeable and personable course leader who was always on stand by to help us with our mini melt downs.

UCAS Codes

To apply simply find the course using the code below on UCAS and select which location you would prefer to train at using the campus codes.

English: 2X28

Available at the following locations:

  • (E) Etone College
  • (C) Codsall Community High School
  • (A) Elmwood School
  • (B) Brownhills School
  • (G) Grace Darlaston
  • (D) Dame Elizabeth Cadbury
  • (S) Shelfield Community Academy
  • (H) Bloxwich Academy
  • (-) Barr Beacon School